NEWS: Xtra-Vision Refuse to Honour Xbox One Pre-orders Without Purchase of Game or Accessory

Xbox_Controller_RHS78_TransBG_RGB_2013You’d be forgiven for assuming that all those people looking forward to collecting their pre-order of the Xbox One in Xtra-Vision had an easy time of it. After all, when you order something in, and then pay for it you expect to be able to waltz in on the day of release, slap your receipt down on the counter and walk out with your product. It’s pretty basic stuff really and with Xtra-Vision’s Facebook page talking about how they’re in the “Spirit of Giving” few people expected the collection of their Xbox One to be so difficult.

Reports began surfacing early Friday that Xtra-Vision were refusing to release a pre-order console unless a game or addition accessory was purchased. Most assumed that this was perhaps a mistake on the retailers part or just irate gamers who had been unable to secure a pre-order. We received a message from a friend of the site telling us that when they went to collect their pre-order of the Xbox-One and Dead Rising 3, staff refused to release the console and game unless an addition game was purchased.

We decided to head down ourselves and see what exactly the situation was. The first two members of staff that we spoke to had no knowledge of the situation and told us that you could buy the console on it’s own. During this conversation, a third member of staff interrupted and clarified the situation. Xtra-Vision’s policy regarding the purchase of the Xbox One is tha you must purchase a game or accessory or else you will not be allowed collect your console. The justification for this according to a member of staff is that “the console is new, you need games to play on it.”

We asked, why it was that gamers who had pre-ordered the console, and a game were also being forced to purchase an additional game. The answer from the extremely helpful member of staff was pretty much, take it or leave it as they will have “no problem selling the console to someone else”.

Xtra-Vision’s Facebook page is filled with angry gamers who saw what should have been a fun Friday getting their hands on the first of the new gen of consoles ruined by a policy of pure greed.

Over the weekend we spoke to a member of staff who informed us that Xtra-Vision will be enforcing the same policy when the PS4 is released this Friday.

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